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Privacy Policy


We appreciate your concerns and interest in the privacy of your data. This policy has been prepared to assist you in understanding the nature of the data we collect from you when you visit our website on the internet. The purpose of this policy is to clarify the approach followed by the “Balanced Nutritional System” organization and its obligations regarding the information it collects, how that information is used, and the choices we provide to you regarding this information.

Policy Statement

“Balanced Nutritional System” organization is committed to conducting its business and serving its stakeholders with high ethical standards by continuously designing, implementing, and improving internal controls that enhance the trust of its stakeholders. The organization respects the privacy of visitors to its website on the internet by consistently ensuring the protection of user privacy. Therefore, it collects and manages all data provided by users with the utmost care. It will not use data provided by users in ways that have not been agreed upon by the users or in unlawful ways. All or any data required from users on this website will be used exclusively in accordance with the privacy policy outlined below. Dr. Jameel Al-Qudsi’s website contains public pages that can be browsed by all users without the need to provide any personal information. Additionally, the website includes secured pages that require users to register with us using the “Contact Information” form.

Scope of the Policy

Websites Covered by the Policy

This policy applies to all domains and websites owned or managed by the “Balanced Nutritional System” organization. It also generally applies to websites or domains managed by specific distributors/suppliers on behalf of the organization.

Geographical Scope of Application

This policy applies to all employees of the organization, regardless of their work locations. It also extends to all employees of the distributors/suppliers involved, regardless of the location of those who manage the websites/domains owned by the organization and have the ability to access personal data about users.

Links to Other Websites

The website of the organization may contain several links that can be clicked to access other websites outside the organization’s domain. These links have been programmed in a way that takes the user who desires to do so to an external site in a new window. Users should note that the organization does not endorse these websites and does not rely on any of their contents or the products and services they offer. The organization does not exercise any authority, regardless of its extent, over websites it does not own or manage. The organization is not responsible for protecting any private information/data that users may provide when visiting these websites, including information security and privacy practices on those websites.

The organization’s purpose in placing these links on its website is solely to facilitate users’ information search and awareness of certain entities that may provide valuable resources such as scientifically documented studies through global research centers.


Cookies consist of information sent from the server (the computer dedicated to serving the website) to the device of the website’s browser, which stores and retransmits it every time the browser requests a page from the pages stored on the server. This allows the internet browser to be identified and tracked. The organization’s website may occasionally use cookies to track users while browsing the site, solely for the purpose of collecting and analyzing usage statistics to enhance and improve the user’s internet experience.

Information Collection

To efficiently and effectively serve users, the organization collects specific data from users in designated areas within the website. The organization is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all information collected from users and will only allow access to this information for its authorized employees and employees of distributors/suppliers who have been granted such access, and only to the extent necessary for their roles.

What We Do with the Collected Information?

We require data that enables us to understand the needs of users and provide them with accurate, integrated, and reliable services, particularly for the following reasons:

1. Making Informed Decisions
2. Improving Products or Services
3. Contacting for Marketing Research Purposes: We may contact you via email, phone, fax, or mail.
4. Sending Periodic Promotional Emails about Our New Products or Services
5. Modifying the Website’s Design Based on User Interests

Specific Information Collection

Users are allowed to browse the public areas of the website without providing any type of information. However, if a user wishes to obtain more information, they should complete the designated form on the website, which includes contact information used to provide the requested information about products and services. This information is also used for communication with users when necessary. Additionally, from time to time, the information collected through this website may be used to notify users about new products and services that may be of interest to them, as determined appropriate by the organization.

Use of Personal Information

The organization does not engage in selling, renting, trading, leasing, or otherwise transferring personal information, whether partially or entirely, to affiliated entities, strategic partners, or any other parties unless requested by specific distributors/suppliers or affiliated organizations or strategic partners for specific purposes agreed upon with the organization. In such cases, the receiving party is bound by stringent agreements that prohibit them from disclosing or using this data for purposes other than those explicitly stated in the authorization granted to them by the organization.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The organization may disclose user information to any of its employees, officials, agents, suppliers, or subcontractors as long as there is a reasonable need for the purposes mentioned in this policy. Additionally, the organization may disclose personal information for the following reasons:

1. In connection with any legal proceedings or potential legal proceedings.
2. For external processing where we provide personal information to companies contracted with us or affiliated with us, or trusted individuals, to process it on our behalf in accordance with our instructions and in compliance with our privacy policy.
3. To establish, exercise, or defend the legal rights of the organization, including providing information to others for the purposes of fraud prevention and risk reduction.
4. To any person to whom the organization reasonably believes may apply to a court or other competent authority for disclosure of personal information if the organization reasonably believes that such court or competent authority is likely to order the disclosure of that information.

Email List Privacy

The organization uses email address lists collected from individuals who have expressed their desire to receive additional information about our services. Additionally, the organization utilizes email address lists composed of individuals who have already requested additional information about the services we provide.

Email List Confidentiality

With the exceptions mentioned above, the organization does not engage in selling, renting, or sharing email lists with any third parties. The organization does not link its email lists with any other databases and does not store email addresses or individual information on its web server. All personal identity information is stored on servers behind a protective firewall.

Third-Party Access to Your Personal Information

The organization may use a third party to analyze personal information of users. In such cases, the information is used for our official business purposes only. The organization restricts these third parties, through contractual agreements, from using any user-specific data in any other activities, disclosing it, selling it, or renting it to any other parties.

Website Security

Security Measures

The organization’s websites are protected by multiple security measures such as changing control procedures, passwords, and actual access controls. The organization also employs a variety of mechanisms to ensure that user-provided data is not lost, misused, or inappropriately altered. These controls include a data confidentiality policy and regular backup storage. The organization will take reasonable technical and organizational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse, or alteration of users’ personal information. All personal information is stored on secured servers with passwords and protection mechanisms.

The organization would like to bring to the attention of users that data transmitted over the internet is inherently insecure, and therefore, the organization cannot guarantee the security of data sent over the internet. Users are responsible for keeping their passwords and login details confidential. The organization will not request a user’s password except when they intend to use it to access protected areas of the website.


Information security employees ensure the effectiveness of information security frameworks, mechanisms, and processes within the organization. The responsibility for information security, including analysis and storage, lies with all those who have full or partial access to it.

Policies and Procedures

The organization has specific internal policies and procedures in place to ensure that access to user information is only granted to those whose official duties require them to have access to this information.

Access to Personal Information

The organization will make every reasonable effort to keep its records up to date and accurate. It will make appropriate changes when users notify it of such changes. If a user wishes to review, update, or delete their personal information held by the organization in its databases, they should contact the support team to provide them with a username and password to access our system and review and modify their data as needed.

Modifying the Privacy Policy

The organization may occasionally make changes to the privacy policy to accommodate changes in legal and regulatory requirements or as required by the organization’s business needs for technology upgrades and service enhancements. Therefore, the organization recommends that users visit its website from time to time to review the most current version of this policy.

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